Fritz anders lecture

Fritz Anders Lecture

ESPCR Meeting 2019

Awarded researcher: Marisol Soengas

The Fritz Anders Lecture was established by the ESPCR in remembrance of the prestigious German scientist, Fritz Anders (Berlin, 1919-Giessen, 1999), Professor of Genetics at the University of Giessen, who pioneered studies of genetics of melanoma using fish animal models. The Fritz Anders medal is awarded at the annual ESPCR meetings (every second meeting after the corresponding IPCC conference) and it is associated with a Keynote Lecture of the awarded researcher. This year’s awarded researcher is Marisol Soengas (CNIO, Madrid, Spain) for her outstanding achievements in melanoma research, including the development of innovative treatments for this devastating disease. Marisol Soengas has published more than 50 articles on melanoma research.

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